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Not so ordinary calendars for not so ordinary lives

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The Research for life calendars 

Examples of life calendars from around the world

The Story

Hello, this is Petra from Kalenderkind bringing you more background information on life calendars you had no idea existed and couldn’t care less about.  Researched by me in preparation for the creation of the Life Calendars “Little Boxes” and “Viva Forever” in this shop.

I did this research mainly to see if this had been done before. Well, basically, that’s not true. I was hoping to find another lunatic crazy enough to hand draw a calendar with over 36891 individually marked days on it. Maybe we could become friends.

I’m happy to report that Kalenderkind calendars are in a craziness class of its own

As far as I can tell, there is only one person who did this before. On Kawara. The “each day” thing simply is a daring concept. This might be a good or bad thing. Even a calendar actually called “The hundred year calendar” (the Calendarium oeconomicum practicum perpetuum  by  Mauritius Knauer , published in 1700) is basically a collection of weather forecasts with a title invented by a publisher for marketing purposes.

I did find several calendars based on Tim Urban’s post “life weeks” on his blog “Wait but why”. They take a shortcut away from madness by reducing the complexity to showing weeks instead of days while maintaining the “WOW” effect. That leaves these calendars with more or less 1200 generic weeks to display in the form of a box. Small, decorative and basically useless for real life tracking, but they show the general idea with less of a harsh “this is all your days right there” blow.

I think based on the sheer volume of regret so many people have when they get older, on not having done better life planning, maybe there should be more life calendars out there. I’m still puzzled that there aren’t more.

The official list of all life calendars currently in existence on planet Earth

Please write to if you know of one that isn’t listed here or if you want something removed or changed. Thanks!


On Kawara, One Hundred Years Calendar — 20th Century “24,845 days”, 2004, Ink on screenprint, 27 3/4 × 52 inches (68.6 × 129.5 cm), Glenstone, © On Kawara. Photo: Courtesy David Zwirner, New York/London


Your Life in Weeks, Tim Urban, Wait but Why Blog


Cathryn Lavery, Jerry Seinfeld and John Grisham’s productivity hack 100 year calendar


Dr.Seshagirirao’s version of the 100 year life calendar

Benjamin Fox, Count Life Webapp

Amr Kafina, Life Calendar App


Leon Eckert, 100 year life calendar script

Life Calendar, Ryan Androsoff’s

Tracking habits with Google sheets, Harold Kim, Medium

Life Calendars by CreateCoDesign on Etsy




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