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Not so ordinary calendars for not so ordinary lives

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The 100 year Life Calendar "Viva Forever"

Honoring a lifetime's worth of achievements more than a golden watch ever can.

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Life Calendar “Viva Forever”
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The Story

Something that wasn’t there before

This calendar is a variation of the Kalenderkind calendar “Little Boxes” , a life calendar for people who love life so much, they cherish every single day it offers.

This calendar does one extra thing: it uses the visual metaphor of a roman architecture to say something important about a human life:

There is something that is built or created in every human life that wasn’t there before. Something that is left behind for others to find and built on.

We take it for granted to buy things in stores or on the flea market and to do something with them. But someone created those things. Amongst the scientists who worked on the James Webb Space Telescope there are some that worked on this projec for over 20 years. That is pretty much almost an entire career. What do riends, children or colleges of these scientists give people like this to honor this kind of dedicaion.

What I learned

What can you give a person who has spent most of his good adult years in pursuit of a great idea? And what does the guy get who only delivered the food that kept the team alive to do their work? There is an appreciation vacuum everywhere in and around great projects that no golden watch or warm handshake can fill. I think in a time where everyone has everything, nothing beats a piece of paper where people have written in their own handwriting what they think this person has built and will be leaving behind for others to find and built on.

So this calendar is my contribution to the subject. As with all Kalenderkind projects, it’s title is inspired by a song, in this case “Viva Forever” by the Spice Girls.

Live forever, for the moment, ever searching for the one.

Life Calendar “Viva Forever”
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100 years, 1200 months, 36891 days

Just like “Little Boxes”, this calendar shows all days of a 100 year life, but here, the idea is to simply circle a day and write down above or below, what the person accomplished.

I’m picturing a situation where a  James Webb Telescope team of scientists would give this to someone in their team who was always there, all those 20 years, to do a particular task, but who will most likely never show up in any honor listings or press coverages, and who will never get that watch, or that handshake either.

They would pass this poster around and each one would write on it what they remember that person doing a particular day throughout all those years. All those little accomplishments and victories would get their place, all failures along the way, too. I’m picturing how this person would react to seeing his life’s worth of accomplishments being honored this way, despite them living in the shadows of the big achievements and the big players. Someone like that always knows that one will never be seen yet without this contribution, none of the big stuff would have been possible. To me, these people and their achievements are much more important than who shot the winning goal this week.

Life Calendar “Viva Forever”
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I think the world needs more appreciation. We need a wall in our house reserved  for seeing what we did with this life. What we have achieved, in spite of everything. What we have built so others can build upon it. Maybe then the spilled coffee this morning will not weigh in so heavily.

Life Calendar “Viva Forever”
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