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Not so ordinary calendars for not so ordinary lives

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Calendarium Oeconomicum Practicum Perpetuum

The only other 100 year calendar, from 1700

The 7 year “100 year” calendar Hello, this is Petra from Kalenderkind bringing you background information on life calendars you never knew you didn’t need. But I can promise you, reading this is time well wasted. Just look at this calendar printed in 1720, a calendar that is continuously being published, called “the 100 year […]

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Do you have any questions or concerns about Kalenderkind or it’s products? Please write to:   Please allow 3-4 days for a reply. You can also find Kalenderkind here: Etsy selekkt/ BZA.CO  

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Der 100 Jahre Lebenskalender "Little Boxes"

Wie man seine Lebensziele mit einem einzigen Stück Papier erreicht

English | German Was wäre wenn man seine Lebensziele Imagine you could turn your life around, and all you would need is a single piece of paper This is Kalenderkind’s Life Calendar “Little Boxes”. It took 20 years of development to get the best methods successful people use into this one sheet life planner. It […]

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