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Calendars for people
who love life 

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The Kalenderkind story in a nutshell

Slow paper for fast understanding.

I’ve always wondered why real things loose so many facets when transferred into its digital version. Hi, my name is Petra Quilitz and Kalenderkind is my passion project. I’ve been living the digital lifestyle pretty much since the start of the internet and could not imagine a life without my laptop, but there is something […]

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The Research for life calendars 

Examples of life calendars from around the world

The Story Hello, this is Petra from Kalenderkind bringing you more background information on life calendars you had no idea existed and couldn’t care less about. And here they are. Researched by me in preparation for the creation of the Life Calendars “Little Boxes” and “Viva Forever” in this shop. I did this research mainly […]

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Terms & Conditions, data privacy, disclaimer

And other fascinating legal information

Terms & Conditions, data privacy, disclaimer AGBs, Datenschutz, Impressum Términos y Condiciones, privacidad de datos, descargo de responsabilidad Conditions générales de vente, confidentialité des données, clause de non-responsabilité Operator Betreiber Operador Opérateur Kalenderkind GbR Vertreten durch Petra Quilitz Fasanstr. 24, 84539 Ampfing, Deutschland (Germany, Alemania, Allemagne) USt. Identifikationsnummer (VAT or Sales tax identification number, […]

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