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Not so ordinary calendars for not so ordinary lives

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The Kalenderkind story in a nutshell

Slow paper for fast understanding.

I’ve always wondered why real things loose so many facets when transferred into its digital version.

Hi, my name is Petra Quilitz and Kalenderkind is my passion project. I’m the Kalenderkind, because I get excited like a child when I see a calendar. Kalenderkind is all about measuring and understand time and our lives within its stretching and changing boundaries. Kalenderkind calendars are on paper, because they work this way.

I’ve been living the digital lifestyle pretty much since the start of the internet and could not imagine a life without my laptop, but there is something in digital media that has always bothered me. My child’s photo or video on the computer is not the same as the multifaceted being I see in the room. My e-book is not the same as the battered, earmarked copy I had with me at the beach. A digital calendar app is not the same as my hand drawn Bullet Journal calendar. There seems to be something more in the real world than what current media can capture. That’s why to me, digitised data is the shadows projected onto the wall of Plato’s cave.

Kalenderkind calendars are trying to recapture what is lost in our current form of digitisation. On paper, things have weight and importance. Life slows down. Things matter. People matter. And that leads to a greater sense of control over one’s own destiny, which should be a key feature of any calendar. Kalenderkind calendars don’t replace digital calendars, they add what’s currently missing in digital calendars to allow a full grasp of the value and finiteness of life.

Memento Vivere
Your Kalenderkind Petra

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